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VentureOp is a team of extraordinary professionals with collective talents and knowledge passionate to serve startups in Silicon Valley. A few years ago, we became fascinated by the idea that startup operations can impact the successful exit of a new technology company. What if startup operations could be refined to the point of highest efficiency? While there are many ways to setup a startup’s infrastructure, we realized there is no better way to streamline these processes and ensure best practices than through a centralized and supportive community of expert Startup Office Managers (SOM).

At VentureOp, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in startup operations. Everyone is guessing. Startup leaders don’t know where to find the best support, what to pay, how or when to scale operations, or even what to look for when hiring administrative and operational support. Our mission at VentureOp is to take away the guessing of who to hire and when. Today, we provide the most efficient and effective process and procedures for startup operations and we help you find the perfect Startup Office Manager (SOM) when you’re ready for this step.


Our mission is to provide exemplary startup operations support and services so that our clients can focus on building successful innovative technologies. We strive to handle each matter with accountability, responsiveness and kind professionalism. Your success is our success.


Our vision showcases our commitment and passion to be the best. Our clear focus is to provide the best startup operations services and support available anywhere. Our vision is to provide the best administration and operations services to our startup clients and to become Silicon Valley’s go-to expert for startup operations support and services.

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Finding someone who is the "right" fit for the job and company culture is seldom an easy task, but Helen creates a seamless experience for all — CEOs, business owners, and candidates. Both trustworthy and genuine, Helen puts your business needs front and center of her strategy AND trains prospects to not only pursue their own career interests, but also strategically help companies grow. After meeting Helen and going through her thorough SOM training (accounting, HR, legal, and more), I was able to join an incredible team where I constantly push the boundaries of my marketing knowledge, to save on many office expenses, and implement strategies that enhanced employees' well-being. Time spent with Helen always helps cultivate new strategies. Her industry knowledge and experience are a boundless resource! To sum up, whether you are considering Helen for your recruiting needs or want to invest in her highly effective training methods, you can count on the job being done with integrity and with your best interest at heart. And as a candidate, you can count on Helen's continuous support and new ideas for effectively positioning yourself within a team.
Kateryna Ivaschenko Marketing Coordinator at Portworx
I worked with Helen at Ocarina and Dell where she demonstrated excellence in keeping the velocity of organization high. She went far beyond basic office management and HR tasks, getting involved in post-M&A integration, legal activities, process improvement, etc. She's a great problem solver.
Mike Davis Business Development at Amazon
As the Interim CFO I worked with Helen in finance and HR for Invarium. It is rare to find someone with her capabilities for the role she held at Invarium. She was extremely organized and able to manage many facets of the business – legal, HR, facilities and accounting. She was very diligent with her work, yet had a great ability and warm personality to always be available to assist the employees, and effectively manage customers and venders. I've worked with many Operations Managers/Office Managers and no one has been better in a small start-up environment than Helen. Her skill set is hard to find and she would be extremely valuable to any business.
Larry Vaughn CFO/Finance and Accounting Consultant
Helen is super skilled operation manager, fosters friendly environment and is always ready to put extra efforts. She has versatile experience - excels in office administration, HR, finance, M&A and patent filings. She is a great team player, full of energy and excellent person to work with.
Davendra Joshi Technology and Product Development
Every start-up company needs a person who can plan and manage the various activities of a start-up. Someone to manage the everyday HR and administration duties, to planning the expansion of the office, to someone who cares for the for the people. This is Helen. She was a strong leader and key part of our team. I highly recommend Helen for any startup where the daily challenges would overwhelm many.
Dean Yonenaga Director Customer Satisfaction for Japan at Kateeva
Helen will be an excellent asset to any organization big or small. She is proactive and detail oriented when managing and executing marketing events. She has a broad range of talent and expertise, with the ability to contribute significantly in helping organizations grow. I really enjoyed working with Helen and commend her for her professionalism and dedication.
Sundaram Natarajan CEO at GotFlowers Inc.

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